Six Top Dog Training Tips

women pointing her finger at her golden

If you have a dog, then the chances are that you often face the dilemma whether to train him or just play with him. Most folks choose to play with their dogs to have fun. And that is not all. You know dog exercises when he plays which is healthy. Tough choice, isn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to bother you. Experts say that play and training go hand in hand. Discussed below are top dog training tips to get you goings you search for the skilled dog training services in your area.

Pick a simple name

When choosing a name for your dog remember to be respectful and select a new name that you like. The primary reason is to allow your dog to recognize the name quickly and react appropriately. Also, choose a short name with a reliable constant like Poppy, Jasper just to mention a few. Associate it with happy, exciting and fun issues rather than negative things. A good name will stimulate your dog’s brain and make him think of his favorite past time like treats, walks or dinner.

Develop house rules

Before adopting or bringing the canine to your residence, come up with a list of rules to point out the dos and don ts. For example, is your dog welcome on the sofa? Can he access your room? Can he have a corner in your living room? Its worth noting that rules are necessary and best to be settled in advance to prevent confusion.

Set up personal space

Each dog requires their space. For this reason, you must put aside a small area of your home for your dog or pup. In many ways, dogs are similar to humans. They will feel better, comfortable and safe in their personal space. Dog training experts suggest that you reward the dog if you notice that he remains calm and relaxed in his space.

Help your dog relax

After having a long day with your pet, put a hot water bottle as well as a ticking clock around his sleeping area. The ticking sound and the heat will help soothe him in his new space particularly if he is from the busy and loud pet shelter. Make sure that you make your dogs space comfortable if you want him to stay there forever.

Teach him response

Getting your dog to respond to calls and commands is not a simple task. It needs to be taught and mastered. Ensuring that your dog responds to your calls and commands is the only way to retain the alpha status. After he comes, don’t forget to praise or reward him to promote the behavior.

Reward him

Always acknowledge your dog’s good behavior by rewarding him frequently. You can reward him with toys, treats, praises, love and much more. Rewards will help him know he is doing the right thing. Try as much as possible to avoid rewarding bad behavior because it will lead to lots of confusion as well as unwanted behavior. Yes, you heard me right!