Natural Ways on How to Kill Rats


Rats are very common in our homes. However, these little rodents are very distractive and can even spread some diseases that can jeopardize your health. Did you know that rats can carry over 20 diseases which can be very harmful to your body? It is, therefore, best to kill rats in your home so that they cannot disturb you anymore. Let’s look at how to kill rats using natural home remedies. If these techniques will not work, then Vero FL rodent extermination from attic will be a good option for you.


ratRats and peppermint don’t mix. This is because rats cannot stand how peppermints smell. Peppermints can, therefore, be your one of your favorite ways you can kill rats in your home. You can dip cotton balls in peppermint oil and then put them near the rat holes. The rats will get chocked once they smell the peppermint and will die as a result.

Adopt a Cat

This is the oldest remedy people use to get rid of rats in the house. If you get a cat in your house, it will catch all the rats no matter where the rats are hiding. As long as they are in your home. Cats and rats have been enemies for as long as they have both existed.

Human Hair

Rats and human hair are also not the best of friends. As a result, rats cannot stand the sight of a human hair. This is because rats may swallow the human hair if they come in to contact with them and hence may die as a result of chocking.


You can also sprinkle ammonia on all the rat holes in your house and around your home. The pungent smell of ammonia will kill all the rats instantly. The good thing with ammonia is that it is harmless to humans, except for its pungent smell that will also irritate you.

Cow Dung

Try using cow dungs if you would like to see how easy it is to kill rats naturally. When rats eat cow dung, their tiny stomachs get inflamed. They will therefore vomit and eventually die.


rodentIf you sprinkle pepper near any rat hole, you will instantly kill all the rats in that hole. The smell of the pepper will inflate the rats’ lungs. This will make breathing difficult for them and will choke as a result. Death will eventually follow.


Onions are also other home remedies that you can use to kill rats. You can just slice an onion and place them near the rat holes and then wait for them to come out and enjoy the feast. They will then die after eating the onions.