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Rovinj 2013 - Salsa festival

Written by Rovinj Travel Guide Friday, 08 February 2013 14:03

First of all, what is a salsa festival?  These are events which could last for at least two days up to 11 days where you can expect to mingle, learn and have a blast with dancers, choreographers, musicians, dance enthusiasts from different corners of the earth. To make the experience even more interesting, the  Croatian Summer Salsa Festival usually holds workshops during the morning so as to familiarize or prepare those dance enthusiasts for all the parties and actions during night time.

Accommodation in Rovinj :: Rovinj Apartments in center, old town, close to hotel Park :: ASK FOR THE OFFER info@istriatravel.info

Here are some of the available apartments in Rovinj old town, close to the center or walking distance:

Studio Apartment located next to museum and main square in center of Rovinj.
Capacity 2-4 persons, Price 20 eur/night per person
More info: Apartment in Rovinj center

Large apartment located in Rovinj Old Town.
Click here for more info: Rovinj old town Apartment


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