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Rovinj tourist guide

Written by Rovinj Travel Guide 03 November 2010

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Rovinj Apartments

Written by Rovinj Travel Guide 15 February 2012

Holidays in Rovinj! Find your accommodation in Rovinj from the list of Private Rovinj Apartments:

Rovinj Apartments, Istria Travel, Apartments in Rovinj, Rovinj Accommodation

Plitvice Lakes

Written by Rovinj Travel Guide 04 January 2014

Croatia`s Plitvice National Park is one of Europe`s most beautiful natural attractions. The 16 inter-linked lakes and the surrounding forest were made a national park by the Yugoslavian government in 1949. Some 30 years later, the site received UNESCO World Heritage status to recognise its `outstanding natural beauty, and the undisturbed production of travertine through chemical and biological action. Humans have inhabited the area for centuries, and Illyrians, Celts, Thracians, Romans, Japods, Avars, Turks and Slavs are among those who have, in turn, settled here.

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Holidays and vacation in Rovinj

Written by Rovinj Travel Guide 31 October 2010

* translatet from Croatian using google translate... Better translation coming soon
Over the past few years, Croatia is becoming more like a popular destination and a country that is certainly worth a visit. With blue and crystal clear Adriatic Sea, pristine natural beauty, important historical and cultural landmarks many tourists are increasingly attracted more and more tourism and new tourist spots, Mediterranean gastronomy and the warmth and hospitality of local people. One of the places and all offers must-see is the Rovinj. Experience the magic of Croatian and spend an unforgettable vacation in Rovinj.

Small as it is, once a fishing town, located on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula, which was initially developed on a small island which was later silting of channels has become a peninsula. The Mediterranean climate allows for lots of sunshine and warm days and pleasant evenings. The first thing that will dazzle you with its old town is on the top is St. Euphemia, the patron of the city. Walk its narrow streets between high-rising buildings is a real experience. Descending from the Church of St.. Euphemia Grisia main street, and passing through Balbi arch leads to the main square. In the middle is a fountain and the town clock and if you head west until you reach the museum, and later the fish market and the market. On another page there is fameous Rovinj waterfront, around which there are numerous restaurants, cafes and patisseries. It is at this waterfront that a large number of anchors, boats soybean place to find and still many Batana original Rovinj boat typical for the flat bottom.

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Dining in Rovinj

Written by Rovinj Travel Guide 17 January 2011

Rovinj is situated on the west coast of Istria, the biggest Adriatic peninsula. The town itself is rich in history and has some amazing architectural buildings.

With Rovinj being a tourist destination it has a wide variety of restaurants, cafés and bars to suit everybody`s taste.

The top three restaurants are Monte, Santa Croce and La Puntulina. Scuba is the best seafood restaurant.

Monte restaurant is a fine dining experience run by a husband and wife duo. This offers fine dining, although the prices are slightly higher than other restaurants around; but the food makes up for it!

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Rovinj Nightlife

Written by Rovinj Travel Guide 13 March 2012

The Croatian city of Rovinj is located in the county of Istria on the North Adriatic Sea and on the western coast of the Istrian Peninsular. It is a particularly picturesque old city, making it a popular tourist resort. It also boasts a thriving active fishing port.

The city is officially bilingual and both Italian and Croatian are widely spoken. Served by Pula airport, which is around 30km south of the city, the trip takes around 40 minutes by car. However, it should be noted that cars are not permitted in the old town area.

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Montona 15 November 2010, 00.00 Rovinj Travel Guide Apartments in Rovinj
Montona  apartments are located in a  quiet place and away from the center of 1380 m from the beach 1200m. Two bedroom apartments with private parking, free wirless,  barbecue.{mailorder formtpl=default buy=1
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Rabak 15 November 2010, 00.00 Rovinj Travel Guide Apartments in Rovinj
Rabak  apartment is situated in a village near the South  Valbruna kuvi beach. 580 m away from the sea and 1650m from the town.  3 bedrooms with double bed, while one with twin beds.  Extra bed for two
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Venus 15 November 2010, 00.00 Rovinj Travel Guide Apartments in Rovinj
Venus apartments are situated in a beautiful location near the beach and sea kuvi. Two apartments with two bedrooms, klimatirirani, with modern kitchen and bathroom with shower and a terrace.{mailorder formtpl=default buy=1
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Avena 15 November 2010, 00.00 Rovinj Travel Guide Apartments in Rovinj
Avena  house is situated in a quiet  area of ​​St. Vitus in the vicinity of the center. Luxurious and beautifully designed apartments, some of them with two bedrooms. Behind the house is still under construction,
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